High quality apps for babies, toddlers and kids. Learn, while having fun!

Animal Memory Game for Kids

    Animal Memory Game for Kids is the classic memory matching board game, with real pictures of animals and their sounds. Over 120 HD animal pictures are used across 6 level packs with unique nature backgrounds.

Learn Animal Sounds

    High quality animal pictures and animal sounds game for kids. Upload your pets! Create your own flashcards - customize and upload your pictures, record your sounds! Animal names are pronounced by native speakers. The best animal sounds and pictures game for kids! This is truly a zoo in your child’s pocket!

Happy Baby Faces

    Turn your toddler's cranky moments into a happy smile! Your toddler will have a blast watching happy laughing babies. Lock your phone keys! Customize and upload your pictures, record your sounds.

Toddler Video Player Lock

    Use our player with child's lock mode to let your baby or toddler watch her favorite video while you are driving, shopping or waiting in line. Your phone can be put in a lock mode not to let curious fingers to make calls or launch other applications during video playback.